Series overview

Join Blake Wyght as he takes his first steps into the world of Aura on his fourteenth birthday, discovering a world parallel to his own. In this world the only limitation is your imagination. As Aurae, he and so many others are granted Aura Abilities which allow them to perform magnificent feats not normally possible.

The goal of every Aurae is the prized lost ultimate Aura Ability, Ternion. None more vying for this power more than the evil underground organization known as Castle. As he and his friends are attacked, Blake fights to protect those most precious to him.

Aura Abilities

In the Aura Dimension people who can use the power of Aura are known as Aurae. They can call upon a special Aura Ability unique to them to fight and strengthen their own physical limitations. The measure of an Aurae's strength is measured by their mastery of Aura and how well they utilize it. If you are going to survive in an Aura Battle you'd best master the three basic abilities all Aurae know: Focus Point, Foresight, and Focus Guard.

Aura Beast

In the Aura Dimension creatures born in the same energy that power Aurae are known as Aura Beast. From friendly little critters to ferociously large beast, Aura Beast come in all shapes and sizes. Some based on real animals and others based on mythological ones, Aura Beast are intelligent and possess a mastery of Aura themselves. You would be wise not to show them fear, especially when they speak to you.