Ternion Book Trailer

The only limit is your imagination.

Ternion - The Keys of Legend

Blake is just a fourteen-year-old boy who wants to spend his birthday having a small party with the few friends he knows. To get there though, he must avoid his bullies at school who torment him because of his sexuality, deal with Jenifer, his bossy twin sister who gets whatever she wants, and figure out why he’s been having this recurring dream about a talking wolf.

When the wolf from his dreams shows up on his home street, Blake saves her from the group known as Castle using the power of Aura. Set on retrieving this wolf, Blake must now learn how to fight like and Aurae, gaining allies and enemies along the way. Will Blake and his friends be ready for the battle that’s about to be set in their hometown?

Ternion - The Aura Dimension

Summer vacation is underway, and what better place to go than the Grand Canyon! A dream destination for Blake and his twin sister, Jenifer, but will this trip come without its share of troubles?

A new world is about to be revealed to twins as they set off on an adventure to places unknown, encounter new friends and foes, as well as awaken to new Aura Abilities that will change how they see the world they've come to know.