Blake Wyght

A down on his luck kid who has known nothing but hazing and humiliation since being outed two years prior. Now a social outcast, he finds solace when the wolf from his dreams shows up one night and he awakens to his Aura Ability. Not one for fighting, he chooses to defend those caught in the middle.

His Aura Ability is Aura Rings.

Jenifer Wyght

Blake's older twin by five minutes. She's a socialite and the envy of most in her grade. While she has the abilities of an Aurae, she wants nothing more than to rid herself of these powers. Reluctantly takes up the task to defend Wolf from Castle.

She prefers to be called Jen and her Aura Ability is Katara.

Zackary Anderson

Blake's best friend and partner in social outcast. He has the biggest crush on the most popular girl in school, Gloria, but she doesn't even know he exists! Unable to use Aura, he jumps at the chance to learn more about the Aura Dimension when given the opportunity.


A mysterious talking wolf that came to Blake in his dreams before showing up on his front door in the middle of the night. She is an Aurae that can morph into a wolf with wind based abilities, but is now trapped in her current form. She seeks out Blake for help and becomes the twins mentor.

Her Aura Ability is Wolf Morph.